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Clean Windows XP
and Hide Your Activity!

The Number #1 Windows Cleaner For XP!

XP Windows Cleaner is an all in one Windows system cleaning tool. It cleans unused data and temporary files from around the system. Removing traces of your online and offline activities. Some of this data can contain information about you and your internet browsing, computer usage or location - Clean Up the tracks and traces left lying around Windows XP.

free-up valuable disk space

speed up your computer

clean internet tracks

protect your privacy

hide your identity
and clean up your PC

XPWindowsCleaner cleans temporary files, redundant data, internet history, internet cookies and internet cache, recently viewed files, Windows run history, memory dumps, Windows System, Windows Registry entries, most recently used application history (MRUs) for applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Paint and Windows Media Player and much more. - Clean Up your Windows XP!

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Some popular features of xp windows cleaner XP Windows Cleaner is an all in one Windows system cleaning tool. Cleans temporary files and junk left lying around your system. Some of these files can contain information about you and your internet browsing or computer usage.

Why pay to upgrade Windows XP when you can clean-up your current system for a fraction of the cost.

Recently Viewed Documents - Many times you donít want people to see what your most recent seen documents are and you donít want people looking through your personal files. So it's a good idea to clean windows recently used files lists.

Hides Your Internet Tracks - Clean up your cookies, cache, internet history and temporary files. Help keep your browsing private by removing information that your browser automatically saves for you in order to load web pages faster or make browsing 'quicker'. All features within xp windows cleaner are totally optional. Customize your windows cleaning as you wish.

Clean Your Windows Applications - Clean up windows temporary applicationd data, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Front Page, and Microsoft Excel. You are able to remove all recently viewed files, recently saved files recently and opend files history for each of these Microsoft Office applications.

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Scandisk Recovered Files

Temporary System Files

Application Data

Recently Viewed Files

Document History

Temporary Pictures

Temporary Music Files

Windows Clipboard Data

Memory Dump Files

Windows Run History

Form AutoComplete Data

Internet Cookies

Temporary Internet Files

Internet History

MS Word

MS Excel

MS Frontpage

MS PowerPoint

MS Access

Media Player Recent Files History

Media Player Recent URLs

Wordpad Recent Files

MS Paint Recent Files

- XP Windows Cleaner will even Empty the Recycle Bin for you
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