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Clean Windows XP
and Hide Your Activity!

Tips and Tricks - Speed Up Windows XP

Use these tips and ticks for a faster PC. Here's how to speed up your Windows PC.

Download XP Windows Cleaner and see how much faster your PC can be!

1. Stop unused programs from starting automatically.

If you are not using a program, why should it be running? In many cases, it shouldn't.
You can choose which programs run in the background when your computer starts, here's how:
  1. Click your Start Menu and then click Run type msconfig into the box and click OK.
  2. A System Configuration window opens, select the Startup tab.
  3. Go through the list and disable programs that you donít need by un-ticking the box to the left of the item.

2. Defragment your Hard Drive.

Has your computer running a little slow lately? It might be time to defragment your hard drive. Your hard drive needs to be cleaned out regularly and defragmented so as to keep everything running smoothly. Here's how to run the Defrag Tool:
  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Right-click the local disk volume you wish to defragment.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. On the Tools tab, click Defragment Now.
  5. Click Defragment.

3. Turn off Graphics and Themes.

Disabling animations can increase the speed at which your computer opens and closes windows. To disable window animations:
  1. In Control Panel, go to System and select the Advanced tab. Click the Performance Settings tab.
  2. In the Visual Effects window, disable all the animations in the box,
    or select ďAdjust for best performanceĒ. Then click Apply.

4. Download a good Windows Cleaner for XP.

Download XP Windows Cleaner, it is designed for all versions of Windows XP and can make your computer run much faster and be a cleaner machine all round.

There are many tips and tweaks for windows XP that improve the performance and keep you and your data safe.
XP Windows Cleaner is popular software that will manage many of those tasks for you.

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Some popular features of xp windows cleaner

Windows Hotfixes - XPWindowsCleaner Now Scans Hotfixes.
Clean up your old hotfix install files. These files are created each time windows installs a Hotfix, they are used to uninstall the hotfix if you want to. Most people never usually need to uninstall windows hotfixes, and these files take up a lot of disk space...

ScanDisk Recovered Files - Any time a program or Windows crashes, any files that were open are not closed properly. When SCANDISK or CHKDISK is run, all these parts of files are identified as "lost file fragments" and converted into recovarable files...

Recently Viewed Documents - Many times you donít want people to see what your most recent seen documents are and you donít want people looking through your personal files. So it's a good idea to clean windows recently used files lists...


Temporary Files - These files exist in a number of places around your computer, they are generally unused and take up space. You will also find that they do not only exist within your temp directory, these files include pictures, documents and music.

System Tasks - XP Windows Cleaner also gives the option to perform other system tasks, such as emptying the recycle bin for you, removing memory dump files and clearing any clipboard data.


Hides Your Internet Tracks - Clean up your cookies, cache, internet history and temporary files. Help keep your browsing private by removing information that your browser automatically saves for you in order to load web pages faster or make browsing 'quicker'. All features within xp windows cleaner are totally optional.
Customize your windows cleaning as you wish.

Clean Your Windows Applications - Clean up windows temporary applicationd data, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Front Page, and Microsoft Excel. You are able to remove all recently viewed files, recently saved files recently and opend files history for each of these Microsoft Office applications.

Totally Clean Your Windows System - If enabled XPWindowsCleaner will remove all old temporary files and old log files from your windows system. Also cleaning redundant backups.

Free Automatic Updates - XP Windows Cleaner also comes with the option to Auto Update. Update your current version to the latest version for free.

Flexible and Easy To Use - XPWindowsCleaner is an easy application to use. It scans your computer very quickly for redundant files, temporary files internet and application history (MRUs), cookies, cache, memory, registry and random junk. It will then give you the option to remove it. Keeping you safe and your computer clean.

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